How is Community Cancer Link helping?

CCL fund raising has enabled purchases of equipment for healthcare facilities in the Illawarra. Since conception these funds have allowed CCL to receive “wish lists” from healthcare staff and provide equipment to the following wards, units and departments:


MAC Unit $60,294
Wards $165,728
Occupational Therapy $1,779
Renal Department $7,403
Emergency Department $35,581
Aged Care Ward $12,854
Intensive Care Unit $37,025
Peri-Operative Clinic $13,695
Maternity $9,995
Equipment for Clinical Trials $28,141



Palliative Care $93,062
Equipment Loan Pool $69,133









(APRIL 2019)



Examples of items donated to Wollongong Hospital include:

Wireless vital sign monitors, Blood Pressure monitors; Syringe Drivers; Bladder Scanner to benefit prostate and bladder cancer patients; Oxygen concentrator; Pulse Oximeters; Portable Spirometer; Syringe drivers; Non-invasive Ventilator to benefit lung and throat cancer patients; Equipment for ongoing clinical trials for Illawarra & Shoalhaven Cancer and Haematology; wheelchairs; beds; Day bed couches converting to beds; specialised chairs for personal care; shower commodes; Pressure relieving cushions; Blood fridge; emergency trolleys; blood warmer; televisions; DVD player; Kitchen equipment; cordless phones; painting/prints; curtains; blinds.

Examples of items donated to Port Kembla Hospital, Palliative Care and the Equipment Loan Pool include:

Syringe Drivers; Blood Pressure monitors; Pulse Oximeters; Nebulisers; Bladder Scanner; television; suction pump; patient lifter; wheelchairs; electric beds; chair scales; pressure reducing mattresses and cushions; beds and mattresses; commodes; bed rails; bed/chair raisers; shower chairs; ramps; toilet aides.

Examples of equipment donated to Community Health include:

Blood Pressure Monitors; Syringe Drivers; Pulse Oximeters; Digital Cameras; Care Packages; Thermometers; Slide Sheets; Bladder Scanner; Pressure relieving cushions; Wheelchairs; commodes; Electric Clinic Trolley; scales; walkers.

Community Cancer Link is proud to have been part of C4 Ward, Wollongong Hospital receiving an EEG machine valued at $68,000.